A mystery spoof of the Hollywood adventure films. The time, 1932. The place Marlene’s Cabaret in Liechtenstein. Wealthy explorer, Sir Wallis Burgess, is dead, his ashes in an urn he retrieved from the recently discovered tomb of the Mesopotamian God of the Underworld, Nergal. Some say he died of the curse. 
Others suspect his greedy wife, his mysterious mistress, his double-crossing partner or the dangerous followers of the Underworld God. It is up to adventuress Virginia Jones to discover which as well as what became of the map of the catacombs and the Eye of Nergal.

To do so she must battle both wits and skills with her arch nemesis the Baron DeFalcon, as well as their mutual desire for one another.

Virginia Jones and the Curse of Nergel  is presented by Strauss Theatre Center
June 21, 22, 28, 29 at 6:30pm.
Director – Wendy Wilson

Chef Pat Nolan will cater the meal.

This Dinner Theatre production is a separate offering from our season membership.  Tickets can be purchased ONLINE or at our Box Office – 323-6681.

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