New 2019~20 – Plaza Suite

Strauss closes its 88th season with a comedy from America’ most prolific writer of comedy, Neil Simon.  During his career he wrote 30 plays and a number of screenplays, often adaptations of his works.  He honed his skills working as a writer for Sid Caesar in the company of some of the sharpest minds in comedy writing before setting out on his own as a playwright.
Success after success came from his pen–COME BLOW YOUR HORN , BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, THE ODD COUPLE, BILOXI BLUES, PLAZA SUITE –the list goes on. His ability to write a variety of styles from farce to romantic comedy to more serious dramatic comedy make him a national celebrity.  Broadway theatregoers were so taken with his work that in one season he actually had four plays running at the same time.  In 1983 he became the only living playwright to have a Broadway theatre named after him.  The theatre world mourned his passing last year. Neil Simon’s comic masterpiece PLAZA SUITE deals with three different couples having relationship issues as they occupy Suite 719 at the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York.  On their “twenty-something” anniversary– they can’t remember– Sam and Karen Nash return to their honeymoon suite- they think it was 719, but can’t be sure– with Karen trying to rekindle their lives.  We are not so sure about Sam’s intentions in that respect, but pretty sure of his intentions about his secretary.
At another time, Suite 719 is occupied by a womanizing Hollywood producer looking for a temporary love connection, shall we say, with an old flame. He is not prepared for what happens.
Finally, a couple of parents-of-the-bride check into Suite 719 for their daughter’s wedding.  When the bride–their darling Mimsey- decides to lock herself in the bathroom rather than go downstairs to the lavish wedding in which she is the star, parents Roy and Norma are quite naturally in tizzy.
These three couples check into the Plaza find that things don’t always go as planned.  But Neil Simon, America’s prime writer of comedy, makes sure that laughter abounds on the seventh floor.

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