Little Women (Ravold)
Louisa Mae Alcott and John Ravold

Based on the timeless story of love of family and determination to face the problems of life during crisis, LITTLE WOMEN begins that memorable Christmas when Marmee leaves to visit her sick husband and Jo sells her beautiful hair to help finance the trip. It ends just a year later when the   family is again preparing to celebrate not only Christmas, but also the return of Mr. March. In between these two events, we again live, laugh, love and cry with Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth as they go through the many trials and tribulations that have made this story a classic.

Little Women 
is presented by Strauss Theatre Center
November 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16
Director – Wendy Wilson
Auditions set for September 22nd, 23rd at 6pm.

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