Cast Announcement for “Murder at Cafe Noir” by Director Matt Wilkins:

Shonice Jeanay as Sheila
Jace Casio as Gutterman
Troy Wold as Rigfield/Thursby/Vanguilder
Jared Trichel as Cairo
Danielle Hudleston as MadamToureau
Schylar Berry as Maria

Eddie Fountain as Rick

Congratulations to the Cast and Thank You to all who participated.

Little synopsis of the show:
This 1940’s “whodunit” serves as a comedic tribute to the Bogart era. The owner of the Cafe Noir has washed ashore, murdered, on the forgotten island of Mustique, and private investigator Rick Archer is on the case. With a cast including several suspects, the audience votes twice and their interaction/involvement guides the P.I. on what he does next.

Show dates will be Nov. 8, 9, & 10 beginning at 6:30pm.