We’re excited to announce the cast for the second show of our 87th consecutive season, The Cover of Life.
We had an amazing turnout for auditions with almost 30 incredibly talented men and women showing up for a show
with only seven roles, so Brenda had her work cut out for her to cast this show!


So without further ado, the cast of The Cover of Life:
Tood – Anne Brown
Sybil – Aubri Skinner
Weetsie – Natalie Weaver
Aunt Ola – Mitzi Quinn
Kate – Jae Wold
Addie Mae – Shelley Barnes
Tommy – Sam Coleman

Congratulations to our cast and thank you to everyone who came out and audition.
We hope to see you all back here soon, we do have three more shows this season after all!

The Cover of Life as written by Ronn Robinson, a native of Bastrop, a graduate of Northeast Louisiana State College (ULM), and a former performer on Strauss stage.  The play had a successful off-Broadway run and has had a number of regional productions.  In March of this year, it had a second critically acclaimed limited run off-Broadway as a part of the Women’s History Month.  The play is set in 1943 in Sterlington, LA. 

Three young women married to brothers gone to war have ended up living with their husbands’ mother.  Henry Luce, owner of Life Magazine, hears of the situation and sends an unwilling war correspondent to do what she considers a “women’s piece,” although the assignment promises a “cover story,” her first.  The play calls for six women:  the wives ranging in age from 19-25, three older women in their mid-forties, and one man aged 20.  Brenda Rowan, who has directed several plays for Strauss in the past, will direct this poignant, yet humorous, drama.  Auditions are open to all interested performers who fall within the needs of the cast.  For more information, call the Strauss Theatre Center at 323-6681.